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Photos by: Jessica Ash and Pin Me Up Utah. . Hilda created by Duane Bryers for Brown and Bigelow

Bunnie Lucille

The world is ready for self acceptance. It’s exhausting pretending to be another person, to make another “persons” happy, or what we think will make them happy. 

Humanity is ready to be real.

Bunny Lucille by Jessica Ash

Hilda is perfectly imperfect, and she’s totally okay with it. Her authenticity speaks to me, loud and clear! If she wants to ride a cow, she does it whether she gets bucked off or not. If she wants to paint her house she does it. She’s tenacious. She’s adventurous. She’s hilarious!  She’s relatable.


And most of all, she does her quirky, fun outings in outfits that she’s either made or they have a very limited amount of material.  And I hear her saying to my heart, ”I accept my body, and I live my life, why wouldn’t I?”


Thank you, Mr. Bryers. You’ve assisted me on the path of loving myself. And as I love myself, I will love others.

Bunny Lucille by Pin Me Up Utah

#IAmEnough is the self-made crown that I lovingly wear and knowledge and own, of my growth, self acceptance, and confidence. I worked hard to get here. I finally made peace with my body, life experiences, and myself. I even have it tattooed, “I am Enough,” on my arm so that I always see that I am enough, no matter what. 


It never mattered what my body looked like or looks like. Or the stories people told me and I chose to previously believe, it only matters that I’ve always been enough. Being divine, amazing, and beautiful it’s not something I had to become, it’s something I Am.

Bunny LucilleHilda by Jessica AshDuane Byers

I was in my father-in-law’s garage, and I saw a picture of her trying to climb through a barb wire fence and her hand crafted swimsuit got caught in the fence. I loved her face expression, her body, and everything about her. 


I noticed on Instagram other people re-creating their heroes and Hilda is one of mine. I wanted to honor Hilda. I wanted to honor Duane Bryers. And I want to honor myself.